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I put a lot of work into these webring panels, in an attempt to make them aesthetically pleasing. And although they are now a litle large, I am fairly satisfied with the result.

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The Magpie

Of all the birds, both foul and fair,
You stubbornly refused to wear

Full mourning at the Crucifixion,
And were cursed with this affliction:

Piebald broods of raucous young,
The devil’s laugh on every tongue.

The Elder

In the shadow of this tree,
Judas mapped his misery,

But saw no finger-post, save one:
A beckoning oblivion.

So up he climbed, with labored breath,
To where he could devise his death.

The twisted tree, by time distressed,
Would ratify his wretchedness,

And let him fall — his loss complete,
The seamless sky his winding sheet.

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